Bigs In Schools – FAQ

What is Bigs In Schools?

In this mentoring opportunity, an adult mentor (who we call a “Big”) will meet with their mentee (who we call a “Little”) at their school for up to 60 minutes once a week for one school year.

If you’re interested in being a mentor in the Bigs in Schools program, or if you know someone who might be, head to to learn more and sign up!

What Schools Participate in the Bigs in Schools Program?

Currently, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern Shore is partnering with the following school:

  • Buckingham Elementary School – Berlin, MD

Individual mentorships are also available at schools throughout the Lower Shore. Contact us if you’d like to mentor at a school near  you!

What Are the Requirements For Bigs to Enroll?

Let’s get you started! Go to and submit your online application.

A Big Brothers Big Sisters Enrollment Specialist (ES) will contact you to schedule your interview appointment. During the interview, the ES will assess your hobbies, interests, and personality. By the end of the 90-120 minute interview, the ES will have a clear picture of you as a potential Big. You will attend an orientation with program staff and view a training video (at your convenience)  to set you up for success as a mentor.

You will participate in a series of layered background checks and provide Big Brothers Big Sisters with a number of references so that our Enrollment Team can determine whether you are a good fit for the program.

What if I Don’t Know How to Be A Mentor?

Your life experience alone is enough knowledge to help you be a great mentor! On top of that, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides you with training before you meet your Little. Additionally, your match is assigned a Mentoring Relationship Specialist (MRS) who will oversee your match. The MRS provides support and coaching throughout the length of your match. This means that if you have questions, we have answers!

What About During Winter/Summer Vacations?

The Bigs in Schools program meets exclusively during the school year, at the school, when school is in session. You will not meet with your Little during school breaks, snow days, etc.

Our Schools Plus program is available if you’d like to continue mentoring over the summer.

How Does Big Brothers Big Sisters Decide Who I Will Be Matched With?

Big Brothers Big Sisters practices what we call “intentional matching.” The team makes sure that you and your Little are paired because you have something in common. This commonality will be a foundation upon which to build your friendship, whether that’s a love of sports, animals, nature, theater, computer games, cooking, you name it. This focus and care help to ensure the quality and longevity of your match.

What Support Will I Receive?

Your match will be overseen by your Mentoring Relationship Specialist (MRS.)  After two weeks of being matched, the MRS will reach out to you and your Little to see how things are going. After that, the MRS will check in with each of you monthly to complete what we call Match Support. There is also an open invitation for you to reach out to your MRS at any time.

Big Brothers Big Sisters staff are truly there to help you and your Little build a friendship that helps your Little realize their potential!

Will I Need to Tutor My Little?

While you meet at your Little’s school during their school day, Bigs are not tutors. Activities to engage in with your Little will be provided on location.

What Are the Benefits For Youth Having a Mentor?

Improved social-emotional learning (SEL), tailored goals based on each Little’s needs and desires, having an additional person to empower their potential… the list goes on and on. Plus, it’s super fun!

Is Consistency Important?

Consistency is critical. Inconsistency can actually be more detrimental to a child than never being matched in the first place. Please consider if consistency may be a challenge for you due to work or personal commitments when considering this opportunity.


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