When Big Brothers Big Sisters first met Keith he was an 8 year old boy struggling with his parent’s separation and had moved in with his grandmother the year before. His mom wasn’t home frequently and his grandmother babysat which meant that he couldn’t play outside a whole lot.

Matt became interested in volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters because his children were grown and he had time to spare. Kevin and Matt were matched in 2005. It didn’t take long for this relationship to develop. Matt was sure to see Keith every other week and they took turns choosing what activities they did. Within a few months of being matched, Keith was bragging about his improved grades to his case manager and Matt was bragging about how his Little Brother would hold the door open for his wife when she was around. Kevin would come to benefit from the many activities that they would do together including boy scouts.

The match lasted until Keith aged out of the program at age 18. They were frequent attendees at Big Brothers Big Sisters events throughout their match. However, their match wasn’t always easy. Between the influence of his non-custodial parent and the pressures of school and peers, Keith began to have trouble in school. He was fighting and his grades were slipping. However, Matt was always there for him. Throughout those 10 years, Keith sometimes struggled to get to boy scouts. Matt was there. When Keith was working on his Eagle Scout, Matt was there. Even when Keith got busy with maintaining good grades in High School, ROTC, and a part-time job and was unable to meet as much, Matt waited patiently for available time. Today as adults Matt and Keith are still good friends that regularly get together. They have formed a friendship for life!