Have you been following us on social media? If so, you probably noticed that BIG things are happening. Our mission is bigger. More important. More urgent. We are defenders of potential and, in today’s day and age, children and teenagers need defenders more than ever.

These local children* need you:

  • Mark lives in Dorchester county with his mom. Mark is 8 and wants to be a police officer when he grows up. With no male relatives that support him on a regular basis and no male teachers, his mom is unable to cover associated costs for sports, so no male coaches. He wants a Big Brother that can protect him from strangers and play sports with him.
  • Lucas lives in Kent County with his mom and 2 sisters. Lucas’ dad passed away – another casualty of the opioid epidemic. He used to play sports, but seeing all the boys there with their dads made him too sad. Like Mark, he has no strong, positive men in his life on a consistent basis.
  • Abigail lives in Wicomico County with her mom and 3 sisters. Her mom, a superwoman, supports the family. However, between her work and splitting attention among her siblings, Abigail sometimes feels alone. She wants someone she can call hers – that she doesn’t have to share with her sisters.

Potential lives within every kid. Yet, more than 8.5 million kids are still in need of someone who will stand in their corner. So, we’ve sharpened our focus. Reimagined how we do things. Modernized how we look and talk.

We are the new Big Brothers Big Sisters. We are here to defend every kid’s potential. We are ready to build the biggest possible future, together.
For more information about our new brand, which launches full force in January for National Mentoring Month, visit: https://www.bbbs.org/bigpotential/.

*names changed to protect confidentiality.